Creators of innovative
ready-to-drink solutions


Manchester Drinks proudly leads the way in the ready-to-drink sector, delivering award winning, innovative solutions that meet consumer & retailer needs.


Creative Cocktails

At Manchester Drinks we have been at the forefront of the boom in the ready-to-drink cocktails market, delivering pioneering initiatives across a range of packaging formats & flavour solutions. From classic cocktails to bold shots to frozen cocktails, we continue to push the boundaries to bring exciting new ideas to market.

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Soft Drink Solutions

Manchester Drinks is equally creative in the Soft Drinks sector, with a host of exciting product & packaging solutions on offer. From cordial shots, to functional reusable water pouches, to innovative ready-to-drink slush for retail, we have a keen eye for a trend & can land an opportunity with pace.

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Our experience with
licensed brands

Manchester Drinks is proud to have secured licensing agreements with two iconic drinks brands and has launched two exciting product ranges into the Grocery Retail market. Both product ranges have delighted consumers who are thrilled to be able to access such well-loved brands in the supermarket. And with more licensed brand agreements in the pipeline, Manchester Drinks are a trusted partner for brands that are looking to extend their reach & meet new consumers.



A partnership with American restaurant & cocktail bar brand, TGI FRIDAYS™ resulted in a successful launch into the retail sector for 3 RTD cocktails. Manchester Drinks spotted an opportunity for a flagship brand to bring much needed added value to the sector, and TGI FRIDAYS™ was the perfect fit. The launch has brought interest & excitement to the fixture, and has introduced a new wave of consumers to the TGI FRIDAYS™ brand.



A license agreement with the iconic SLUSH PUPPiE® ice crystal beverage brand has seen a strong launch into the retail sector for 3 no added sugar products packed into a convenient resealable pouch. SLUSH PUPPiE® is a well established brand with high brand awareness, and the launch into retail has given the brand a platform to reach consumers looking for no added sugar treats. The products can be kept in the freezer & enjoyed at home – at just 95 calories each, the SLUSH PUPPiE® Pouch is a real success!


The Experts

Richard & Brian, the founders of Manchester Drinks,
have worked hard to develop & grow their business since
they created it in 2005. Their willingness to be flexible to change,
and always to challenge the norm, continues to fuel their success.